Are their good places to get gift boxes?

The economy is changing and it is making a huge impact in every aspect of life in the United States.  The new rules in a different location have moved our economy to an online-focused world.  That can be very dangerous.    It has led me down many different roads of looking for new products and ways to stay ahead of this ever-changing economy.  I want to go over a few different things that I ended up doing this year.  My work changed how we did our marketing and I ended up moving.  This led me down a whole new world which all led to packaging supply stores.  It was really rather strange but I feel like I landed on a gold mine of information and it is a whole style of company that was created to help businesses and people who need boxes. It sounds strange but I have been needing to purchase cardboard boxes in so many different aspects and it all led me to the same place.  It is important to save money and be wise in where you shop.  

My life ended up needing to find good places to shop.  This meant that I was needing to source lots of different materials.  The moving and also my companies shipping department ended up needing lots of supplies.  I was in need of tons of different boxes and for different tasks. Originally, I used Amazon or a local big box store to purchase all of the boxes and supplies needed to run these endeavors.  The issue was that since we were going to ramp up shipping and moving that costs were simply going to go much higher.  

I needed a good product for our needs.   In my company’s work, I decided that Amazon was convenient but offered no bulk discounts for all the different boxes we needed.  We were also getting into corporate gifting and we needed more customization.  Etsy offered many good ideas but they were so expensive that it boggled the mind in the big picture.  This led me to find custom candy boxes at a online retailer and that was a huge hit.  We were able to customize candy boxes which was amazing, and get them shipped just like we were a big candy corporation. It was amazing because the prices were so low and only got lower the more you purchased.  This small task led me to take all our boxes from work and also from my own personal moving and try to shop here for them. It was a great hit for us!

Now I know where to go to save a lot of money and time.  It turns out that this type of store can cut costs because they manufacture them and ship directly.  It skipped all the middlemen and allowed us to lower prices by a vast amount. I was able to negotiate on bulk purchasing with this company and they were able to leed me to purchase the correct products which lowered prices even more.  It was nice to talk to a customer service agent and not a sales agent who had dealt with this.  It was like having a marketing company working for you for free and you cannot beat that kind of free service.  Don’t hesitate to shop the right location and save some money. 

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