Ecommerce and Sweet Treats are Here

With all the changes in the United States economy there is a lot of opportunities.  Tons of companies are failing left and right and most of those are based on brick and mortar models.  It really hurts to see because they are closing due to the government selling lies to the people.  Starting a new company in the United States is not an easy task.  The simple fact that any individual cannot simply go out and start selling a product or service is honestly a bit sad.  You must go through lots of hoops and spend lots of money to make a company, register it and then fill out tons of paperwork to simply pay tax money to the government.  It is the beginning step of attempting to start a company. After the end of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, you must also think about the fact that your company can be shut down for no reason if you are not considered an essential business.  This is reminding many people of socialism or communist countries and you would indeed be correct.  So if you want to break into the candy market you must think beyond the normal marketing and sales issues in order to sell your amazing treats to the world. So think about creating a company that is somehow essential and online in 2021. 

Now with a year of stupidity behind us, we must learn to thrive in the new 2021 economy.  So how do you create an essential business? The best idea is to follow the lists that have already been created in the state you are in.  Some states banned a large majority of companies and didn’t allow them to be in working order.  Don’t let your company get shutdown, you must be valuable in teh eyes of the government and the eyes of your target market.  So go and find those lists and attempt to fit your candy manufacturing or sales company into one of those niches that were allowed to stay open. Some states made food producers an essential business, but make sure that candy falls under that title or if you must sell an extra product along with your candy boxes in order to fit that list and stay open even if bad things happen and communism strikes again.  

The best way to beat the government is simply to be more technical to them.  It is pretty simple to incorporate under the broad terms that make you essential across teh nation.  Then you can end up producing candy boxes like the best of them and never be shutdown.  Now I would suggest making sure that when you incorporate that you put those essential terms into the reason the company exists. So if it’s food that must be produced to be called an essential business.

Then when you are incorporating your company, put that purpose of food producer into the incorporation documents of your company.  This can get down to proof that the state you are incorporated in then shows you were created to be essential!  I am not giving legal advice at all just stating some things that I think would be a wise move in order to start up a candy company. Consult a local lawyer before you start up and get the correct incorporation and advice to a startup because it is better to be right in the eyes of the law even if they are wrong to do it.

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