Perfect Product Packaging

The age of digitization and an enforcing pandemic has resulted in people opting to buy online. Although the trend of online shopping had been on the rise before the pandemic, the recent months have left most people with no option other than using the computer and mobile screens to get access to items they used to purchase in-store. This entire scenario has resulted in the brands and companies able to have a physical interaction with their customers only at the time of product delivery.

In this age of e-commerce and digital marketing, no brand can afford to remain dull and unattractive when it comes to packaging design. Because customers get swayed by attractive designs, dull product packaging tends to get lost in a crowd of colorful and attractive packaging designs. In this article, we will discuss some ideas to customize packaging to make the product and brand attractive.

Product box customizing

The first and foremost factor to take into consideration when perfecting the product packaging is choosing the right box.

You may be tempted to use plain, brown boxes to deliver your product because they are quite reliable and useful. They, however, do not mean a lot to customers. If you want to do something to impress your consumers, try customizing those boxes with personalized messages. It is one of the ways to encourage your consumers to come back for more purchases. They may also share your product packaging on social platforms to tell others about their feelings towards your brand.

If you are a smaller brand and you are competing against larger rivals, you may want to add a few touches to your product packaging to make it more attractive for your customers. There are a lot of options that you can consider in this regard.

Using custom tape and tissue

Anything bad happening to your product during transit is not going to be your fault, but your customers will still get a negative impression of your brand. That is why adding ample protection to your product packaging remains a crucial requirement.

The good thing is that you can use design and patterns on those protective items to give extra exposure to your brand. For instance, using printed tape and tissue not only protects your product during transit but also makes your brand memorable. For this purpose, you can either add a brand logo or use colors and patterns.

Using custom mailer envelopes for smaller items

Although the quality of the product is not evident by its packaging, consumers naturally make assumptions about the product quality by looking at it. That is why colors, patterns, and shapes tend to build a temptation, which ultimately leads a consumer to add a product to their wish list.

Having said that, if you want to pack smaller products, make sure to use appropriate outer packaging for them. Using custom mailer envelopes for smaller products makes the entire packaging more attractive. The best thing about envelopes is that they offer a wide area on both sides to add designs, patterns, logos, and brand message.