Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies

Modern consumers are more focused on eco-friendliness. They take interest in all of the processes, from production to packaging to recycling of discarded products. That is why it is a good approach to stick to eco-friendly options, not just to become an attraction for your customers but also to play your role in reducing wastes to save the environment.

The most important of all is the packaging that you use for your products. Since the manufacturing of packaging products takes up a lot of resources and tends to have a significant impact when discarded improperly, it has become more necessary than ever to pay attention to eco-friendly and recyclable product packaging.

In this article, we will discuss some eco-friendly packaging supplies.

Eco-friendly mailers

Poly mailers, which are usually available in bubble-lined and unlined options, are a popular option among a lot of businesses due to their ability to protect items during transit. On the other hand, these are the mailers that many businesses stay away from due to their polyethylene composition.

Fortunately, eco-friendly options are also available. These mailers are made of recyclable materials, meaning that an eco-friendly mailer you hold in your hand is either recycled or will go to the recycling unit to become fully usable again. In simple words, it is a choice of eco-conscious businesses.

The good news is that these mailers are available in various sizes and styles, allowing businesses to pack most of their small items. You can also print on these mailers to convert them into a tool to promote your brand.

Padded mailers

If you want to protect your smaller items during transit, you can use bubble mailers. They are lightweight, so they are cheaper compared to other packaging options. However, while the bubble lining is recyclable, it is not the priority option that most eco-friendly brands choose to stay away from the use of plastic.

That is where padded mailers come in handy. These mailers use fiber lining instead of bubble lining. This fiber expands and absorbs pressure during transit. Due to their peel and seal feature, they do not require tape for closure. These mailers are ideally recyclable.

Corrugated boxes

While mailers are quite earth-friendly, they are not suitable for the shipping of everything. For instance, you will not be able to use mailers for packing and shipping large items. The best option to consider in this regard is the use of corrugated boxes.

These boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which consists of a fluted layer sandwiched between two flat layers of cardboard. Since this material is a combination of glue and paper, there is no doubt about its recyclability.

Some cardboard boxes may not be directly recyclable. Such boxes come with a lamination, which needs to be removed first before the boxes head to the recycling units. Fortunately, recycling units employ measures to separate lamination from boxes.

Custom tissue paper

If you want to improve the unboxing experience, you have to use printed tissue paper, which not only promotes your brand but also serves as a protective layer. This material is highly recyclable, allowing you to use it while packaging your products without worrying about its environmental impact.