What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Carton Erectors and Sealers?

While implementing a packaging strategy, you will be more focused on increasing your productivity and efficiency. That’s where you may have to consider using a carton erector. These machines seal and form corrugated boxes. After you pack your products in the boxes, these erectors seal those boxes too. Since these machines tend to eliminate manual product packaging inside corrugated cartons, they are ideal for operations that require large numbers of cartons erected in a short time.

Improved speed

You may look at your packaging line and look at the employees working on it. Even the most energized and motivated employee could erect only a few cartons per minute. A carton erector, on the other hand, speeds up the process significantly, and that too in an error-free way. Using these machines allows you to use your manpower for something more productive than packaging.

If you are not willing to deploy a fully automatic carton erector, you can consider going for a semi-automatic option. It will also significantly reduce the amount of labor required for a carton packing. A typical semi-automatic carton sealer requires only one operator. Such a machine can help erect 15 cartons per minute.

A more efficient packaging line

If you have to deal with larger volumes, you can consider using a fully-automatic machine rather than a semi-automatic one. It will improve efficiency while reducing labor costs.

In addition to flexibility, speed, and quality, fully automatic carton erectors also provide several integrations and upgrade options. You can choose from several configurations, depending on your packaging line’s requirements. The purpose of these configurations is to help you increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Integration with other equipment

You can use a carton erector with other equipment to get the most out of your automated packaging line. By combining different machines, you can speed up your line. A well-thought-out configuration can help you create a fully automated procedure.

You can use case sealers with carton erectors to speed up the packaging process. These case sealers are available in semi- and full-automatic options. The much-needed automation brought by these sealers can benefit your bottom line quite significantly. The purpose of a case sealer is to improve speed without sacrificing uniformity. It also helps reduce costs related to operations and labor. These sealers ensure there is no wastage of tape or glue.

You can also use a carton erector with a tray former when you have to use corrugated trays. A tray former increases the speed of tray formation quite significantly. With the help of a tray former, you can reduce the process of tray formation to the adjustment of settings and watch the machine run the magic. Tray-forming heads used in these machines are adjustable, meaning you are in total control of the procedure. You can change tray styles and sizes according to your requirements.

Using a carton erector with other equipment can bring much-needed efficiency to your packaging line. While buying these machines may require you to pay some money upfront, you won’t regret your decision afterward.