Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions Businesses Can Use

The environmental impact of packaging has become a top concern for most businesses around the globe. Here are a few reasons why is that so.

  • More than 88% of consumers want to purchase from brands committing to the sustainability cause.
  • About 80% of consumers feel that a brand must be more sustainable.
  • Many consumers want to pay more for products with a lesser environmental impact.

Using eco-friendly practices can increase the likelihood of your brand’s success. That is true for brands operating in all industries that deal with the shipping of goods to consumers, retailers, or distribution centers.

While a majority of businesses have done well to go green by employing greener business and manufacturing operations, many of them struggle with the incorporation of greener packaging practices. That is why the amount of non-eco-friendly packaging waste continues to become more immense every year.

In this article, we will discuss ways to use eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Cardboard: the ultimate green packaging option

Many consumers now demand authorities to slap heavy fines on companies failing to use eco-friendly packaging solutions. The most straightforward solution to this problem is the use of cardboard, which is by far one of the eco-friendliest packaging materials used in the global supply chain.

Apart from its reduced impact on the environment, cardboard is a highly versatile material that benefits brands at every level of the supply chain. This material is even kinder to the environment when composed of the correct type of materials. That is why it tends to do lesser damage compared to other packaging materials when disposed of in landfills. The best thing about cardboard is that it remains green from its material sourcing to its manufacturing to its use to its disposal.

Water-based ink

The use of toxin-based ink makes cardboard unfit for recycling. Such cardboard boxes tend to be detrimental to the environment when they biodegrade. Toxins in inks can contribute to greenhouse emissions, which can contaminate the environment.

The use of such ink makes branded packaging nothing less than a culprit for environmental pollution. But, we now have water-based inks that do not impact the environment. That means you can go ahead with branded cardboard boxes and not have any concern about their environmental impact.


Sometimes, you may not have any option other than using plastics for product packaging. But then, the impact of plastics on the planet is not something to overlook. That is where you can consider using bioplastics, which allow you to keep the environment safe. These plastics tend to biodegrade in normal conditions. Although their rate biodegradability rate is not as quick as cardboard, they still do better than plastics.

Optimizing product packaging

Optimizing product packaging refers to the process of using only required packaging materials. You can imagine how poor the user experience tends to be when the actual product is too small for its packaging. Trimming down the packaging materials to only what’s required will not only help reduce the environmental impact but also help reduce costs.

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